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Guerilla Art

For the next four weeks we will be looking at how guerilla art can solicit change and make the unnoticed, noticed.

Guerilla Art = Street art, specifically visual art, developed in public spaces — that is, “in the streets” — though the term usually refers to unsanctioned art, as opposed to government sponsored initiatives. The term can include traditional graffiti artwork, sculpture, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheat pasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, guerilla art, and street installations. Typically, the term street art or the more specific post-graffiti is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti, vandalism, and corporate art. (Thank you Wikipedia).

I like to look at it as using art to reshape how you we look and things. It is about transforming our space. Here are a few examples:

There are ways to practice this form of art without being destructive, but rather adding something to your community. The next four weeks we will look at some easy ways you can participate!

Week 11: Transportation to the office.

In week 11 of the 52 Weeks of Good campaign we will look at how an office can create change and make a difference by encouraging different transportation options. Take a look at this picture and see just the space impact different modes of transportation have on our surroundings.

Picture via Earthian

The environmental impact aside, it is pretty unbelievable how much room all 60 cars take up. Try offering staff different modes of transportation. At Brown Paper Tickets every employee is given the option of receiving a monthly bus pass. Not only does that help employees get to work everyday, but as a company, they are cutting down on their carbon footprint. Another idea is to encourage your employees to walk or bike to work once a week. The convenience of a car is pretty hard to beat, but I bet you can get a few people to change their mode of transportation at least once a week and what a difference you will be making!