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Week 27: Take two steps out of your comfort zone

Random acts of kindness can reach all groups of people. You are able to affect those closest to you, friends and family, people you may never meet or see affected by this, or even people who may never be able to return the favor. In week 27, we are going to focus on helping those with kindness who are not able to help you.

The homeless are often those who are overlooked and could really benefit from your random acts of kindness. Really step out of your comfort zone and interact with them. This interaction could be as simple as a “Good morning” as you walk by them on your way to work, or if you are standing with them at a bus stop, ask them how they are doing. Something as simple as a conversion says you know they are not invisible. You might be surprised by the stories they share!

I tend not to give money to those in need that ask for money on the street corner. You never know what that money could be used for and it might not be helping them at all. There are some people who are not as truthful about their situation as it appears. A friend of mine sat down and had a long conversation with one of her local homeless resident and it turned out he wasn’t homeless at all, but takes the role of it and people give him money. It’s ironic because people give the homeless money to feel good about themselves, never questioning what giving them money will really do. If you are going to give money, find your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen to donate to. In my opinion, the people who frequent these places are attempting to turn their lives around and the organizations need your help to help others who really need help.

Personally, if there is someone outside of a grocery store and I am heading in, I’ll come out with an extra sandwich for them. Then at least I know they won’t be hungry and I have done what I can, knowing my money has gone to a good and positive resource. I once talked to someone who gives out chocolate bars instead of cash. She has her car stocked. I love this idea.

Don’t feel like you can help? Are you getting coffee this morning? Then you have the ability to get a coffee or a sandwich for the person standing outside who doesn’t have the means to buy their own.

Help someone who may never be able to return the favor to you, but know what goes around, comes around in some way or another.

Week 23: Positive Comment Week!

In an effort to build a larger, and stronger community we need to focus on being positive and sharing out positivity with others.

Write a positive comment today and every day this week! You can do this on your facebook page, sent in a tweet, in person, by sending someone a text message, an email, or leave positive comments around town on post-it notes. If you are using Twitter, use the hashtag #positivecomment. Let’s create a positive community, starting with today!

Your kind and uplifting words have the power to change someone’s day, week, or even life. When you’re positive, so are those around you. What’s stopping you?! Just go and do it!

Week 16: Attitudes

This week we will examine the attitude of empathy.

How you are, (your attitude, your emotions, your energy) are constantly affecting others. I know we tend to put our heads down and only worry about what is going on in our own bubbles, but whether we like it or not, our bubbles are constantly bumping into and changing other peoples bubbles (paints a good picture, eh?). When you are grumpy or rude, not only will you be less likely to get what you want, but you will also be giving your negative attitude to the people around you, potentially making their day worse.

It seems like a lot of pressure to always be on our best behaviour in an effort to make sure others are happy, but it is be worth it. Not only will you positively affect those who are lucky enough to cross your path, but you will also be happier yourself everyday.

Here are a few ways to make sure you are exuding you best attitude, happy emotions and positive energy:

  • Smile! Something so simple, but if you are feeling down and smile 5 big smiles, soon you will start to feel better. Also, smiles are contagious, so spread your rays of sunshine!
  • Practice patience. If you start to become angry or frustrated (e.g.: trying to work with someone on the phone or at a help desk), give yourself a second, take a deep breath, and come at the situation with a more positive approach. You may be surprised as you might be able to get what you want! Also, realize that who you are working with is not the cause of your problem. They are people, too, and are just trying to do their jobs. So give them the benefit of the doubt!
  • Pass out compliments like candy at a parade. Doing something for someone else and knowing you made someone else feel great will do wonders to how you feel.
  • Look at the bright side. Not everything will go the way you want it to, but the best you can do is find the best in everything.
  • Think positively. And positive things will come.

Now, no one is perfect and everyone is entitled to a bad day every now and again. Just make sure your bad day doesn’t make someone else have a bad day, too. You have the power to turn any day around!

Week 9: Improve your office with kindness.

The next theme of the 52 Weeks of Good Campaign is Improving The Office. We all spend so much time at work, so we should make the best of our every day. These next four posts are things workers and leaders can both be a part of.

Card from my awesome HR co-worker. What a difference she is making!

Week 9 is about how one can improve the moral of the office just by being kind. Everyone has the ability to do their best, but sometimes it just takes a little encouragement from a fellow co-worker or from their boss to keep up the steam. Here are 5 easy ways to let someone know you appreciate them and the work they are putting in:

  1. As emails fly around the office, be sure to comment back to them how awesome they are doing or what out of the work they are doing you see them doing well. It’s always nice to know someone has read your email and appreciates your work.
  2. Have a weekly or a monthly meeting? Call someone out (even if they are not there)! In every managers meeting I like to highlight one of my staff members so everyone else can know what they are up to and the great work they are producing.
  3. Write them a little note and leave it on their desk. Could be on a post-it or even on a nicer card. However you present it, the feeling of coming back to your desk with a little note that says: “You rock” or “You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished” or even a support card really hits a person to their core and makes them feel good to keep going. Best part, they can save it and look at it from time to time to help them stay motivated.
  4. Want to be a little more public? Send out an email to your whole staff and give that person a big shout-out by highlighting their great work. They might turn a little red, but now everyone in the company will know what a great job they are doing, not just your department.
  5. Tell them in person. It is amazing how difficult compliments have become, but they go a long way. Giving a compliment in person really puts a lot of meaning and heart behind what is being said.

Give it a try! Be conscious of the work that is happening around you and make sure to let others know you appreciate it. Start of by noting something once a week and work your way up to handing out the goodness once a day. Soon it will become second nature and you will have helped in creating a positive and productive work environment!

Music on a NYC Subway

There are many ways you can affect someone’s life and most of those things start with how you can change someone’s day. Watch this video someone captured on a NYC subway ride:

Everyone was in their own world on that ride. Thinking about their day and not interacting with one another. As if the person sitting right next to them didn’t exist. Yet, from these two strangers, playing some music for a few minutes on a subway ride brought the train together as a community. Changed the course of the passengers days and added a little brightness to it. In that one act of sharing their talents and their passion for music, they altered the passengers days for the better.

Spark a Change: Pay it Forward

When I think about how we can change the world, I think about the little things we can do to make that difference. I’m not talking about donating your life savings or taking a year off from work and life to devote yourself to the starving children in Africa. While those would be really amazing ways to create change, those options are not practical for the vast majority of us. What is possible for everyone to do is to focus on their day to day activities. We interact with hundreds of people a day, whether we realize it or not, and it is time to put attention to those interactions. Acknowledge their presence, create a positive interaction and spark that change so the hundreds of people you run into will spread positive impacts to the hundreds of people they meet that day, too.

Here is a video that displays a great example on the impact of paying it forward. Watch it. Then do it.

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