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Week 28: Head-up a donation drive!

As we look at the little things we can do everyday to make a difference it is also important to look at the bigger picture, too!

Random acts of kindness usually just affect one person. You leave a positive note on someone’s car or a little present for someone inside the library. All powerful and positive ways to make a different in someone’s day, but what if your one act of kindness could reach more people?

Have you ever tried running a donations drive? By you, starting the one random act of kindness to get the drive started, you are able to affect many people. This drive could be for food, clothes, shoes, blankets, anything really! Start it at work or at school. Put out boxes. Tape up flyers announcing how long the drive will be running. Send emails to those working in our office or that go to your school. Let your local neighborhood or city know you have this drive set-up for those in your area to participate.  Send out reminders and watch the donations pour in! With a donation bigger than you could have done alone, not only are you able to help more people, but you have also given others the opportunity to make a difference, too!

Happy donation drive running!

Week 27: Take two steps out of your comfort zone

Random acts of kindness can reach all groups of people. You are able to affect those closest to you, friends and family, people you may never meet or see affected by this, or even people who may never be able to return the favor. In week 27, we are going to focus on helping those with kindness who are not able to help you.

The homeless are often those who are overlooked and could really benefit from your random acts of kindness. Really step out of your comfort zone and interact with them. This interaction could be as simple as a “Good morning” as you walk by them on your way to work, or if you are standing with them at a bus stop, ask them how they are doing. Something as simple as a conversion says you know they are not invisible. You might be surprised by the stories they share!

I tend not to give money to those in need that ask for money on the street corner. You never know what that money could be used for and it might not be helping them at all. There are some people who are not as truthful about their situation as it appears. A friend of mine sat down and had a long conversation with one of her local homeless resident and it turned out he wasn’t homeless at all, but takes the role of it and people give him money. It’s ironic because people give the homeless money to feel good about themselves, never questioning what giving them money will really do. If you are going to give money, find your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen to donate to. In my opinion, the people who frequent these places are attempting to turn their lives around and the organizations need your help to help others who really need help.

Personally, if there is someone outside of a grocery store and I am heading in, I’ll come out with an extra sandwich for them. Then at least I know they won’t be hungry and I have done what I can, knowing my money has gone to a good and positive resource. I once talked to someone who gives out chocolate bars instead of cash. She has her car stocked. I love this idea.

Don’t feel like you can help? Are you getting coffee this morning? Then you have the ability to get a coffee or a sandwich for the person standing outside who doesn’t have the means to buy their own.

Help someone who may never be able to return the favor to you, but know what goes around, comes around in some way or another.

Spark a Change: Power of Twitter

I recently have become more involved with Twitter. I figured it was time to get over how much I disliked it and learn to accept it, as it was clear Twitter wasn’t going anywhere. Now that I’ve focused a few months time on Twitter, I am able to see its’ potential. I have been able to connect with so many people around the world I would never have been able to talk to before. I have learned about so many organizations out there in the world doing good and have been able to surround myself with those positive people and the news and messages they have to share. I’m to the point where I actually enjoy Twitter now. Never thought I’d say that!

Recently I read a post from a follower. Her message hit me and almost made me start crying while sitting at my desk. The post was this: “@______: Hate being ugly:( Wish i could be pretty like all my friends! No i’m not putting this for attention,I actually hate my face….” Reading that just killed me. I remember those years where you so desperately felt like you needed to be a certain way and look a certain way to fit in. Never feeling good enough. We are our own worst enemies, but we can be our best allies, too. So, I started scouring the internet for a positive quote that would reflect just that and have her think positively about herself. Alas I found one that would do the trick: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” By Confucius. I followed up with: “You ARE beautiful. Once you stop thinking negatively about yourself, the more beautiful you will realize you are. Focus on the good!” Her reply: “thankyou,You put a smile on faces:-)” Phew! A smile is a good thing and I hope she looks at herself in a little better light now.

I encourage you to go out and Spark a Change! If you see someone or hear someone being negative about themselves, help them change their perspective and let them know the positive things you see! We all have the power to make a difference in someones lives, even if for just a moment over Twitter.

Week 1: My Resolution… Yard Wasting.

Wanted to start the 52 Weeks of Good Campaign off with a resolution we can all keep and practice for 2012 (and beyond). It’s time to start reducing how much we throw away that ends up in landfills!

I’m not talking about saving all packaging and plastic so you accumulate your own landfill at your home, I’m talking about looking at what it is you throw away. First, make sure you are recycling everything you can. Give the materials you can back to your community so they may find new uses for them and reuse them. Second, set-up a yard waste bin at your house! This has become my New Years resolution as I know it is easily attainable and it will be a resolution I can keep! Here is how I did it. Read More…

Top 3 songs of today

Something Good Can Work, by Two Door Cinema Club –

One Day, by Matisyahu Featuring Nameless –

We Are Young, by fun –

Get Moving with BPT’s Featured Non-Profit – Girls On The Run

If you’re a runner, you know the powerful effect running can have on a person. Not only is running physically beneficial, it can help you mentally as well. Tired? Having a bad day? Frustrated by something?Need to get out of the house? Work it out with a good jog and you’ll feel better by the end. It’s amazing how a run can give you a new perspective on things. Need an excuse to get out there? How about running to help change lives and benefit communities? 5K events happen almost every weekend and the proceeds go to great community organizations.

This Saturday, December 3rd, is the New Balance Girls on the Run 5k Community run. Women, men, children, leashed pets and all-terrain strollers are welcome to participate! “Girls on the Run of Puget Sound is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Since 2002, GOTRPS has operated as an after-school prevention program for 3rd through 5th grade girls throughout Puget Sound.” Read More…

Featured Non-Profit: The Ladybug Project

Fresh out of school, with a dream to change the world, biologist Kim Reuter found herself on a plane to Equatorial Guinea; a country, according to Lonely Planet, “that is usually relegated to live under the staple in map books.” After a brief three months as a field biologist studying monkeys in the rainforest, she realized her mission there was not complete.

She spent the last two weeks of her time in Equatorial Guinea in a small mountain town call Moka where she was welcomed into the local inhabitants homes and lives. “Every time I saw injustice or poverty, I also saw hope. I heard that the country’s high GDP is causing many aid organizations to re-allocate their funding elsewhere, despite the clear need for any and all help. It inspired me to get active. I started to realize that I was so incredibly fortunate; I have never, ever had to worry about health care, water, or education. So I decided that I would try to help others worry less as well.” Read More…