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Week 4: Recycle (Part I)

Last week we talked about reusing, so this week (if you didn’t guess already) is about Recycling. There are a few different ways to look at recycling. The most common, taking the time to separate your waste into yard waste, recycle, and what truly is trash that will be added to the landfill. It may be surprising to you how many things can actually be recycled that are thrown away every day.

Part I: Common household items that can, in fact, be recycled:

  1. Single use batteries – Seattle has many places to dispose. Find out where you can drop off your batteries, here.
  2. Large appliances – Many transfer stations will take these, but usually for a fee. Many times they have will take your items for free. Click here to find out your nearest drop off.
  3. Tennis shoes – Nike has a program called Reuse-A-Shoe. Send in your old tennis shoes and they will break them down and reuse the materials! Check out how they do that, here! Read More…

Music on a NYC Subway

There are many ways you can affect someone’s life and most of those things start with how you can change someone’s day. Watch this video someone captured on a NYC subway ride:

Everyone was in their own world on that ride. Thinking about their day and not interacting with one another. As if the person sitting right next to them didn’t exist. Yet, from these two strangers, playing some music for a few minutes on a subway ride brought the train together as a community. Changed the course of the passengers days and added a little brightness to it. In that one act of sharing their talents and their passion for music, they altered the passengers days for the better.