Week 17: Tell someone you love them.

In the next four weeks, we are going to focus on our friends and family. The people around us that give us the support we need. The people we choose to build our lives around.

“If you love someone tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.” – Pamela Daranjo

We often think it goes without saying how we feel about the people we include in our lives, but you may be surprised how easy it is for someone to forget or second guess. So, this week I challenge you to tell the people you love, that you do indeed love them. That you appreciate them and that you are happy to have them in your life. Your friends and family are those you have the closest relationship with, so remind them that they are important to you. If nothing else, it will make them feel happy.

Go on. Share the love.

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About Kelly

Working at changing the world, with the little things we do, every day. I am the Doer Team Manager and the Do Good Doer at Brown Paper Tickets. My hope with this blog is to help spark a change. To look at the little things we do everyday and see how we can be a positive impact on everyone around us. The more each of us do, however small it may seem, the better world we will all have.

2 responses to “Week 17: Tell someone you love them.”

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