Week 15: Another reason to not swear.

Week 15 is about about the awareness of empathy. Be aware of your littlest actions as they will have an effect on someone else.

There are two things I don’t understand about swear words. The first: how swear words are actually created. When you breakdown the words, they are just a random collection of letters that have become a symbol, a stand in for a bad meaning. The second: why we even deem a word to have so much of a negative meaning.

This is something my step mom had me start thinking about. When you swear at something, you are essentially giving what you are swearing at negative energy. And yes, I understand this might sound more on the crazy side of life, but swearing at someone can’t be good. It can’t do good things for that person or thing. So, I just say, don’t do it. When you are driving and someone cuts you off, don’t call them an a**hole. Or say f*** you to them. Just let it go. You may be in a bad mood and you may not like that they aren’t paying attention while driving, but don’t make their day worse by giving them bad energy. Instead, take a breath, think something positive for that person and move on.

Now, you will be helping someone else as well as yourself have a more positive day.

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About Kelly

Working at changing the world, with the little things we do, every day. I am the Doer Team Manager and the Do Good Doer at Brown Paper Tickets. My hope with this blog is to help spark a change. To look at the little things we do everyday and see how we can be a positive impact on everyone around us. The more each of us do, however small it may seem, the better world we will all have.

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