Week 9: Improve your office with kindness.

The next theme of the 52 Weeks of Good Campaign is Improving The Office. We all spend so much time at work, so we should make the best of our every day. These next four posts are things workers and leaders can both be a part of.

Card from my awesome HR co-worker. What a difference she is making!

Week 9 is about how one can improve the moral of the office just by being kind. Everyone has the ability to do their best, but sometimes it just takes a little encouragement from a fellow co-worker or from their boss to keep up the steam. Here are 5 easy ways to let someone know you appreciate them and the work they are putting in:

  1. As emails fly around the office, be sure to comment back to them how awesome they are doing or what out of the work they are doing you see them doing well. It’s always nice to know someone has read your email and appreciates your work.
  2. Have a weekly or a monthly meeting? Call someone out (even if they are not there)! In every managers meeting I like to highlight one of my staff members so everyone else can know what they are up to and the great work they are producing.
  3. Write them a little note and leave it on their desk. Could be on a post-it or even on a nicer card. However you present it, the feeling of coming back to your desk with a little note that says: “You rock” or “You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished” or even a support card really hits a person to their core and makes them feel good to keep going. Best part, they can save it and look at it from time to time to help them stay motivated.
  4. Want to be a little more public? Send out an email to your whole staff and give that person a big shout-out by highlighting their great work. They might turn a little red, but now everyone in the company will know what a great job they are doing, not just your department.
  5. Tell them in person. It is amazing how difficult compliments have become, but they go a long way. Giving a compliment in person really puts a lot of meaning and heart behind what is being said.

Give it a try! Be conscious of the work that is happening around you and make sure to let others know you appreciate it. Start of by noting something once a week and work your way up to handing out the goodness once a day. Soon it will become second nature and you will have helped in creating a positive and productive work environment!


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Working at changing the world, with the little things we do, every day. I am the Doer Team Manager and the Do Good Doer at Brown Paper Tickets. My hope with this blog is to help spark a change. To look at the little things we do everyday and see how we can be a positive impact on everyone around us. The more each of us do, however small it may seem, the better world we will all have.

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