The Phone Stack

It amazes me how attached we are on our phones. I like to pretend I don’t care if I have my phone around me, but as soon as I can’t remember where I put it and fear I have lost it, panic sets in. All of a sudden my world turns upside-down. What if someone has it and has access to my life; what if someone needs to get a hold of me; what if I need to get a hold of someone; what will I do without all my lists; how will I get around town? You don’t realize just how attached to it you are until it’s not there. I use it for everything. My boyfriend has dubbed it “The Great Phone Search” every time I have misplaced it. I use it for everything, it’s like an extension of my brain to the outside world.

All that being said, I feel like there is a time and a place to have your phone out. If I am having a conversation with someone, it is not a time to be on my phone. If I’m out to breakfast or dinner with friends, another time I keep it away. You’re not going to talk on your phone while you are sitting at the table with a group of people, so why would you pull it out to text or read your email? When you are with someone or a group of people, you should actually be the there with them mentally, not just physically. Who ever just sent you a text, they can wait. You can wait. Be with the people you are with for the time you are with them.

A few weeks ago, I read this article about The Phone Stack game. A simple way to combat you and your friends from being on your phones the whole time you are out together is pull them all out (eliminates sneaky texting under the table) and stack them in the middle of the table. Now, for the rest of the meal you are not allowed to touch your phone and the first person that does, picks up the tab. And while I am in no place to pick up everyone’s tab, by just having my phone being stacked with everyone else’s phone, it’s an easy way for me to stay present in the group and enjoy everyone around me.

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