Week 3: Reuse

The next step in helping the environment is to reuse what it is we already have. When you think about what it is you really need to survive, next time you go to the store to purchase yet another pair of shoes, or a new set of dishes, or the latest gadget, really think if this is something you need. Ask yourself, “Is this something I already own that could work just as well?” If the answer is yes, then you probably don’t need it. I know, this is a hard concept because we live in such a consumer run society that we are constantly being bombarded with newer and better. I am victim to this sometimes, too.

Cute, right? But, alas, I didn't need them.

The other day I actually ran into this situation. When I moved into my apartment with my boyfriend, most items we were given as hand-me-downs. Which, at the time was amazing as moving is expensive. A year later, Cost Plus World Market had a sale on dishes and there was a pattern I was in love with (nerd alert, I know). I bought a whole new set of dishes, even though I had a whole set at home that work perfectly fine. After two weeks of leaving them in the box I brought them home in, I decided this was something I really didn’t need and I returned them. I will continue to reuse the plates we have that work just fine and I feel much better about the whole situation.

Here are some great ideas to reuse some items you may already have around the house that you may be ready to throw in the trash, but could be re-purposed (thanks Earth911.com for the ideas!):

  1. Old game boards missing pieces anyone? Turn the pieces  into jewelry, coasters and DIY invitations! Read how, here.
  2. Have an old window or door you’re about to take to the dump? Check out these ideas to turn your trash into treasures, here!
  3. News flash! Candy wrappers aren’t trash. Here are some fun activities you could do with your kids to create some fun, and functional, pieces. Check them out!

So next time, before you buy something new, think if there is something you may already have that you can repurpose. Happy reusing!!

For more ideas to reuse items around your house, click here for some awesome DIY projects provided by Earth911.


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