Best Ad Seen this Season

As the holidays draw all around us, it’s amazing the amount of advertising we have to filter through. It’s like Super Bowl Sunday every day (and not in a good way).

Coming from the marketing/communications mindset, I can’t help but judge these ads. Colors, content, images, message and how annoying they can be. I’ve seen everything from the newest version of a Snuggie (which I didn’t think possible): the Forever Lazy (ready for a ridiculous commercial…  watch the Forever Lazy commercial) to a toaster that not only toasts bread, but cooks an egg at the same time (seriously). All pointing to “BUY ME, BUY ME, BUY ME!” And saying, “I’m cheaper at this store than I am at this store!” Followed by another, “BUY ME!” And what is it with the retail stores skipping a holiday. I saw Christmas ornaments out at Costco even before Halloween had ended! Ridiculous.

But through it all, at last, a useful ad:
When have you ever seen a company advertise to NOT buy their product? This brilliant ad spoke to the consumers about reusing, recycling and not using up our natural resources. Yes, this is a good quality jacket, but do you really need it right now? Can you repair the one you have? Let’s reduce the amount of waste we just throw away into the land fills an not buy this jacket.

This ad also speaks to local communities and encourages people to spend their money locally for this years black Friday. To not go to the major retail stores that are taking over the world and to help support your local shops. If we don’t want to be run out of town by big names with bad products, we have to focus our resources on buying local, high quality pieces.

Think local. Shop local this holiday season.

Well done Patagonia, well done!

If you are interested in joining their inisitive, go here:


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